Anti-Spam and Grammar Analysis Currently in Progress

Heads up, big updates to Content Explorer are coming your way!

We are currently running a grammar analysis on our English articles database. With the help of AWS and, we are checking the grammar, typo and readability of the English articles to help you filter out low quality articles.

We will also be collecting and indexing the following meta data in efforts to combat and minimize SPAM in our database:

  • # of bullet points
  • # of number items
  • Bold tags
  • Italic tags
  • Table tags
  • Code tags
  • heading tags
  • Paragraph tags
  • Line break tags
  • Underline tags

We’ve noticed that a lot of spammy articles either have no paragraph tags and minimal to no headings. This tag collection along with the grammar analysis scores should help us find higher quality articles within the index.

Grammar analysis support will be made available for German, French, and Spanish articles after the first test on English articles.

A follow-up report will be published at the end of our analysis on this post. Please give us a few days to process the data as we are dealing with a rather large dataset here. Many thanks to our current beta testers for providing great insight!

Update #1 – 9/21/21

We are still processing the large dataset and will provide another update within the next few days.