The Domain Expired and Got Some Lulz has been purchased by someone else after Konami allowed it to expire.

Fans have waited a while for the new Silent Hill video game, but Konami doesn’t seem to want to make it. The studio has no plans for the future of the immensely popular Horror series. The Silent Hill franchise is not being cared for by the publisher. This negligence reached a new level when the company allowed the official domain to expire on Sunday.

Silent Hill’s official domain expired recently. Someone else purchased this site. Konami failed to renew the domain license, which led to it being expired. This opportunity was taken advantage of by someone with lots of money and they were able to get the domain before Konami. The Silent Hill domain now displays a tweet by Masahiro Ito stating, “I wish that I hadn’t created fxxkin Pyramid Head.”

Masahiro tweeted this a few weeks back, but didn’t mention the reason. This is Masahiro’s tweet, but it is quite funny that the new buyer of this domain used this tweet to make his point. Some believe that Konami isn’t creating a new Silent Hill due to Pyramid Head’s popularity. Although the character was intended for James, Konami wants to make it available for all games due to its popularity. This tweet is the buyer’s front.

It is not the first time Konami has let Silent Hill’s domain expire. Silent was also on sale in 2019 for $9,835. Konami had allowed the domain to lapse, and it was put up for sale. However, Konami was able to grab the domain before anyone else and they bought it back. This is clearly not the case and someone else was quicker than the publisher.

The most shocking thing about all this is Konami‚Äôs failure to focus on Silent Hill. It is hard to believe that a major publisher such as Konami did not realize they had allowed the domain expire twice. This is not a minor series that you can give up. Silent Hill is the name of this series. It’s the most well-known horror series in gaming, and Konami treats it as a sideshow.

Silent Hill is not just a domain. It’s the entire series. This is only one example of the many ways that Silent Hill has been abandoned. Silent Hill has had a rough time, with cancelled projects, no sequels and irrelevant remakes. Konami’s gross mistreatment of the cult-fame is the reason. We only hope the IP is transferred to another studio or that Konami learns from their mistakes and makes amends.