Do expired domains still work?

Google’s John Mueller claims that they don’t. But experiments show that they do, if done right. The problem is that most people don’t do them right. Read on to find out how you can do it correctly. Listed below are some tips and tricks. Once you have your domain, you can start promoting it to gain as much traffic and authority as possible.

But beware of spammy expired domains!

Don’t get discouraged if your domain is already parked, as it may still have several pages in Google’s index. You can create a new site on an expired domain to quickly rank and start getting traffic. While this might be difficult, it’s possible to turn your domain into a feeder site for another website. There are several ways to do it. Buying expired domains is not as difficult as it sounds.

Before you buy an expired domain, remember that they have value. You should carefully check the anchor text and surrounding text to make sure that they are in the same language. Once you’ve bought an expired domain, you should point it to your target domain and wait a few weeks for it to get crawled by Google.

Doing this will boost your ranking and increase your traffic. If done correctly, this strategy will give you a significant SEO boost.